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Biotope Aquarium Intro

I know that it is hard to recreate or imitate a biotope in an aquarium. It is even more difficult when you have no true, in-situ, underwater images or videos to guide you. Written words describing a habitat help but are not enough to be 100% confident on what you are doing. Images are worth more than 1000 words and video, well, more than 1000 images, I guess. I really know how frustrating this is and that is one of the reasons that I take the time to document all these aquatic ecosystems above and below water.

The extent of detail you want to place in a biotope aquarium is always up to you, but a biotope aquariums primary objective is to try to imitate the habitat or micro-habitat of a certain body of water. So, saying you will recreate a biotope aquarium of the Atabapo River, for example, and not making the water “black, or amber” color is like saying you will play soccer and use your hands all the time to pass the ball instead of your feet.

Now days there has been an increment on people going into freshwater bodies of water worldwide and shooting underwater video and images. Probably this is due to the easiness of use, availability and lower prices of the needed electronics now days. Some of these people do this as a hobby or just by curiosity and have no idea that what they are doing is of great importance. Yes, every bit of video footage and every image documenting a biotope in the wild is of great importance for the aquarium hobby, science and of course all humanity. Documenting a creek in the middle of the Amazon or a stream in Russia are equally valuable. Imagine having an underwater (where applicable) and above water database of all the rivers in the world in video, images, text and/or audio info. Well, that is what is being created right now via YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, private websites and other social media.

So, is it not better to have all this information available than not? So, if you are going to recreate a biotope aquarium, would you guide yourself by the underwater images, the underwater videos, or by written words and above water images like we have been doing? At the end, the best thing would be to use all the info available, and hope there is more data uploaded to the web every day.

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Ivan Mikolji