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I am a photographer from out of this world!

Hi Everybody, 
I have a very curious anecdote to share; I know you will find quite interesting. 
I sold a stock image some time ago and by coincidence found where it wound up. Supposedly I took an image of an extraterrestrial life form!  Can any of you identify the green alien? 
Below is the link: 
A while later after posting the image on facebbok, a facebook friend called Lucien Bal wrote to me. "Is it possible, that it's not a plant but a colony of protozoa growing on a plant ? A colony of protozoans like Ophrydium versatile ? "
Right then, I found out that like most of us... I was still a photographer from this world.


ABOVE: Freshwater underwater photograph of a colony of protozoans, probably Ophrydium sp aff versatile in its natural habitat. 

Thanks for stopping by… 

Ivan Mikolji