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Scuba mask with prescription glass

I have a very light stigmatism and wear glasses most of the time. As my astigmatism was quite mild I never had the need to get prescription glass on my scuba mask until I started getting strong headaches. The strain on my eyesight of spending up to 8 hours or more snorkeling in a river staring at a small viewfinder or LCD screen made me decide to get a prescription mask.

As I researched around the web for a place to have it custom made I realized that the service was not cheap at all, but my real concern was to get it correctly done. I didn’t want to wind up paying a lot for a useless mask. Then I remembered that George Fear uses a prescription mask in our expeditions. I emailed George Fear and he recommended me to make the mask with Leonard Maggiore in New York, USA.

I contacted Leonard by phone and he told me to mail him my scuba mask along with my phone number, my eye prescription a $158.90 check or card number and a return address to send back the mask when it was finished.

I told him that when I pulled my glasses away from my eyes I got a distortion, so I was afraid that the mask would have the same distortion because the “glass” in a mask is not near my eyes. He said that it was important to know that and told me to write him a note about the distortion on the prescription paper I placed in the package along with the mask. He also told me it would take a week or so to get the mask back.

Well, I sent a check and all the stuff to the following address. 

Leonard Maggiore Opticians
217 Neptune Boulevard
Long Beach
New York

A week and a half later I got the mask back by mail and I tell you; I regret not getting it prescribed before. I sometimes wish I could use the mask driving or in the street for I see beter with it than through my regular glasses!

So I totally recommend you Leonard Maggiore to get your prescription mask done. This is not a paid commercial, I just think that a job well done deserves some credit!

Now I'm thinking of getting some cool Ray Ban sunglasses and having him change the glass to dark prescription glass. His web page says he can place Carl Zeiss Optical Lenses on them!

His phone number is… 
(516) 431 14 68 
(516) 431 15 84 
Phone Hours: 8 am to 8 pm. 
7 days a week!


Thanks for stopping by…

Ivan Mikolji