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Collectible Art with deleted Raw/original file

Our “Collectible Art with deleted Raw/original file” purchase option brings you the exclusive opportunity to own an original Mikolji piece of art. The images offered have never left our hard drives in a format larger than 600px and with a watermark on it. Once you buy one of these images you will own it and have total rights over it. You will even be able to resell the image or prints. We will delete any associated files and will only keep the 600px watermark image. If we ever need a print for an art show, we will need to ask you for permission and you to ship us a print.

Once you have made your purchase you will immediately receive a download link to the maximum JPEG file. 35 days after the purchase we will send you a download link to the original TIF file. We will also mail you a signed print of the image and delete all related files off our hard drives. The images files you will receive will contain all the original metadata including GPS data if the camera had the option. They will also have the same dimensions as the original photograph. The properties of each image can be found in the “Product Details” tab.