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Support the Cause

I have always believed that a positive and optimistic intake of natural knowledge is the key to instill conservation awareness.

Mikolji Motto
You cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists.

Mikolji Vision
I dream of a fair trade-off between humans and nature.

Mikolji Mission
• Inspire and influence people to love nature through our digital media.
• Perform scientific research expeditions.
• Teach the local people that live near the rivers on how to have the minimum impact on their environment.
• Show the recordings of our passings to create a nature valuing trend.
• Nourish the aquarium hobby by showing aquatic habitats, their flora and fauna.
• Digitally capture nature at its best.
• Make you semiaquatic.
• Bring the best possible quality “products” to our clients to support the previous points.

Mikolji Cause
Is to document aquatic related habitats, their flora and fauna and other “interesting stuff” we find along the way. We collect audio visual data, field observations and sometimes biological samples for scientific study. We then process the data and make it free to watch, see, hear or read. Because we have not found a way to capture odors we do not offer the option to smell yet.

Why is all this work being done or important? A good example of the dynamics behind our work would be the following examples, just to name a few….

  • We shot the first images and videos of an extremely rare piranha... the Serrasalmus nalseni. We also collected samples of the species for scientific study. All this data helped create a redescription of the species. You can read the reprint HERE.
  • We shot the first images and videos of Trichomycterus catfish migrating in a river. The video showing thousands of fish fighting the strong currents showed a behavior never seen before in the scientific community. We also collected specimens of the fish which turned out to be a new species. The samples were deposited in the fish collection of the Museo de Biología of the Universidad Central de Venezuela and hopefully will be described soon. The video was published in the scientific reprint written by Alessio Datovo about a new species of Ituglanis from the Rio Xingu basin, Brazil. You can see the video HERE
  • Almost all the images in the III. REVISIÓN DEL GÉNERO Apistogramma REGAN 1913 (PERCIFORMES, CICHLIDAE) EN LA CUENCA DEL RÍO ORINOCO book were shot by us. The book includes the first images ever shot of Apistogramma pedunculata and were used to help describe the species. The book can be read HERE
  • We joined forces with Prof. Carlos Luis DoNascimiento Montoya to generate and upkeep the complete List of Freshwater Fish from Venezuela.

So, even though the Mikolji site may look like a store, it is the worst business ever. Almost all of our published media is given out for free to scientists and other non profit scientific organizations which distribute scientific knowledge for free. Many books, scientific papers, websites and social media publish our images for free. At this moment in time the correlation is probably 1 to 22. We put $22 out of our own pockets for every $1 we make.

We need support to continue documenting and divulging knowledge. Help us spread awareness about our surrounding biosphere, the one we call Earth.